How to choose electric stew pot? purple sand or white porcelain?

Winter,which is a suitable season for health, in this season, for the stew, electric slow cooker is an indispensable kitchen appliance for health, it consumes much less power than rice cookers and other electric cookers, the power is generally below 300W. The electric stew pot uses the slow cooking method to stew porridge and soup, so that the flavor and nutrition of ingredients and seasonings can be well distributed to the porridge and soup, and the fragrance is particularly strong. If you have a ceramic electric stew pot, it will magnify the effect of health care thousands of times, because ceramic material has a natural non-stick surface apperance, which is more healthy. And the slow cooking of ceramic can make the food more tender and delicious.

How to choose ceramic electric stew pot? First of all, you can look at the liner, ceramic liner can also be divided into purple sand and white porcelain, purple sand is characterized by a dense structure, close to porcelain, strength, fine particles, fracture for shell-like or stone-like, but does not have the translucency of porcelain tires. White porcelain has a dense and transparent billet, glaze, into the ceramic fire degree, no water absorption, sound clear and long rhyme and other characteristics. That purple sand pot or white porcelain pot, which is good?

★ A. Comparison of nutrients

In the purple sand inner pot, the iron oxide contained can reach 8%, and the content of elements such as silicon and manganese is also quite high, it also contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other metal elements needed by the human body. Therefore, stewing soup in a purple sand inner pot, which is very beneficial to our body and it is one of the ways we can absorb the elements our body needs. Moreover, the food cooked is more fragrant and nutrition is not easily lost.

★ B. Heat-resistant performance comparison

Compared with Purple sand pot and white porcelain, it is more heat-resistant, and evenly heated, which is not so greasy soup. Therefore, purple sand is more suitable to use as a cookware, while white porcelain is more beautiful in appearance,which is best used for tableware.

★ C. Safety issues

White porcelain is actually also made of clay firing, but in the surface glaze coating, after high temperature heating, which will release substances harmful to health. The purple sand inner pot is free of any chemical coating, and rich in a variety of mineral trace elements, whether making soup, cooking is very good taste. However, because high-quality purple sand inner pot is more expensive, some bad manufacturers will use dyed clay as the inner material, so the quality of the purple sand inner pot is not easy to grasp. If you buy a poor quality purple sand pot, the damage is not to be underestimated.

Tonze purple sand electric stew pot recommended:



Capacity: 1L(Suitable for 1-2 people)
Power: 150W
Function: Nutritional soup, bone broth, miscellaneous porridge, yogurt, dessert, BB porridge, heat preservation

Tonze white porcelain electric stew pot recommended:



Capacity: 3L(Suitable for 2-3 people)
Power: 250W
Function: Tonic soup, old fire soup, bone soup, chicken and duck soup beef and sheep soup, mixed grain porridge, white porridge, dessert
Temperature adjustment gears: high, medium, low

Post time: Oct-17-2022