• Electric Kettle Manufacturer

    Electric Kettle Manufacturer

    Model No. :ZDH312AS

    Minimum of Quantity: >=1000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

    Factory Price: $10.06/unit

    This electric kettle features a durable plastic shell and 304 food-grade stainless steel interior, double-layer pot body, heat preservation and anti-scalding. In terms of safety, safety kettle for elderly is even better. Equipped with high-temperature power-off safety protection function to ensure are always safe when using .Additionally, the kettle comes with a dry boiler protection, which will automatically shut off if there is no water in it, preventing any potential danger.The handle is designed to open the lid with one press, making the operation of the kettle very convenient and user-friendly.


  • Stainless Electric Kettle Arabic Kettle Manufacturers

    Stainless Electric Kettle Arabic Kettle Manufacturers

    Model No. :ALB-002 turkish kettle

    Factory Price: $32/unit

    Minimum of Quantity: >=2000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

    This Arabian teapot can not only brew tea, but also boil water and keep warm. Not only suitable for home use, also is an ideal choice for an office tea maker, meeting the needs of office employees for tea and providing a healthy and comfortable working environment.

  • Tonze 110v 220v Electric Slow Cookers

    Tonze 110v 220v Electric Slow Cookers

    Model No. : ZDH-217H


    500 unit(MOQ)  $13.9/unit OEM/ODM support

    Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, this kettle is not only durable and long-lasting, but also safe for boiling water and other beverages.The anti-scald plastic shell ensures the kettle remains cool to the touch even when the contents inside boil. This feature provides extra safety for those with children or pets at home and gives you peace of mind when handling the kettle during use.

  • Thermostatic electric kettle

    Thermostatic electric kettle

    $30/unit    500 unit(MOQ)   OEM/ODM support
    This Touch screen intelligent control thermostatic electric kettle with anti-false touch child lock function and chlorine removal to drink healthy water .

  • Kettle cooker factory

    Kettle cooker factory

    Model No. : ZDH-110A


    This lightweight kettles for the elderly split bottom and plastic kettle. It is built with food grade PP plastic to ensure water boiler for safety and no any plastic smell at all. With visualization of the water level scale, no worry with overfill the water. Small kettles for the elderly is built with auto shutoff with boil-dry protection. Quickly boil up for only 5 mins. The 1100 Watt line brings water to a rolling boil immediately. It is available for OEM/ODM with color box and plug changing.

  • Kettle cooker factory

    Kettle cooker factory

    Model No. : BJH-D160C


    304 stainless steel heating plate, safe and healthy, anti-corrosion and durable, easy to clean. With anti-scalding lid and thickened glass body. It can brew coffee, boiled water, porridge, herbs, yogurt, sterilization, steamed eggs, tea, milk powder, etc. 20 cooking options to meet various needs