• Rapid Egg cooker steamer

    Rapid Egg cooker steamer

    Model No. :J3XD

    The mini egg steamer is a small, portable kitchen appliance specially designed for steaming egg foods. It’s compact and lightweight, making it perfect for travel, the office, or small spaces. The mini egg steamer is fast and efficient.This product is not limited to steamed eggs, it can also be used to make steamed egg custard, steamed dumplings and other delicacies.

  • Mini electric egg cooker

    Mini electric egg cooker

    Model No. :DZG-W405E

    The Mini Egg Steamer has a compact design and is easy to carry. You can enjoy delicious steamed eggs anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Fast cooking: The mini egg boiler adopts efficient heating technology, which can quickly reach the appropriate temperature and complete the cooking of eggs in a short time, saving you precious time.

    Factory Price:$4.3/units

    MOQ: >=1000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

  • 6 eggs steamer cooker

    6 eggs steamer cooker

    $5-7/unit 500 unit(MOQ) OEM/ODM support
    6 eggs steamer cooker with ceramic bowl

  • TONZE Multifunctional Pot for Stewing Egg Steamer

    TONZE Multifunctional Pot for Stewing Egg Steamer


    $8.9/unit  MOQ:500 pcs OEM/ODM support

    This Multifunctional Pot is designed for easy breakfast cooking. With this electric cooker, you can warm milk and steam eggs as a egg cooker and also you can stew porridge. It is a best electric cooker for one person usage. It is also easy for cooking bird’s nest.

  • Tonze Egg Steamer

    Tonze Egg Steamer

    DZG-5D Electric Egg boiler

    With a cartoon image, it adopts food grade PP top lid and 304 food grade stainless steel heating plate. With multiple safety protection function like anti-boil dry function, automatic adjust and save the power, ect. It can steam 5 eggs at the same time, with a resin material liquid egg bowl for putting eggs or making egg custard.

  • Slow cooker with ceramic insert

    Slow cooker with ceramic insert

    Model No. : DGD8-8BG


    Factory Price: $9.5/unit (OEM/ODM support)
    Minimum of Quantity: 1000 units(MOQ)

    This chinese ceramic double boiler adapts food grade PP and high quality ceramic natural material inner pot, which could cook healthy food, And it uses water-insulated stew pot to Lock Nutrition By Water-insulation Techniques. A comforting bowl of porridge for breakfast, or cook the perfect steamed eggs for a healthy snack, this electric saucepan has you covered. The egg steaming rack that comes with the pot can easily steam eggs to perfection, allowing you to easily enjoy delicious and nutritious snacks.