• Slow Cooker With Ceramic Pot

    Slow Cooker With Ceramic Pot

    Model No. : DDG-7AD


    This 4-liter knob-controlled ceramic slow cooker with recessed anti-scalding handle has selling points such as safety, multi-function, and large capacity.Knob control is easy to choose the function according to the cooking needs of different ingredients, which is flexible and convenient.The ceramic lining ensures your food cooks evenly and retains its natural flavor, while also making it easy to clean after each use. Say goodbye to scrubbing away tough stains and residue – our ceramic lined pots are easy to maintain, giving you more time to enjoy delicious meals.

  • Electric Slow Cooker White Porcelain

    Electric Slow Cooker White Porcelain

    Model No. : DGD7-7PWG


    Ceramic mini slow cooker non stick pots, its concave handles on both sides of the pot are ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold, allowing you to easily control and carry the pot. No need to worry about accidental contact with hot surfaces – the handle is cool to the touch, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. Whether you’re sautéing vegetables, simmering delicious stews, or preparing mouth-watering curries, this electric saucepan is the perfect companion for your kitchen.

  • 2L Mini Automatic Baby Multicooker

    2L Mini Automatic Baby Multicooker

    Model No. : DGD20-20EWD


    This mini baby multicooker provides you with the perfect solution for stewing nutritious baby porridge and soup.The visual design of the glass lid on the top allows you to observe the cooking process of the soup at any time to ensure the best taste.The pan’s plastic outer shell is engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring it remains cool to the touch during use. This feature not only enhances kitchen safety but also provides a comfortable cooking experience. The ceramic interior is non-reactive and non-toxic, allowing you to cook with confidence knowing no harmful chemicals will leach into your food.

  • slow cooker with ceramic pot

    slow cooker with ceramic pot

    Model No. : DGD20-20EZWD


    OEM /ODM Price:$29.5/units  MOQ: >=1000pcs (customized support)

    This chinese ceramic double boiler is designed to lock in the natural flavors and aromas of your ingredients. By sealing the pot tightly, this electric stewpot creates a pressure-cooker-like environment, intensifying the taste and creating mouthwatering dishes.

  • Digital Casserole Slow Cooker With Menu Panel

    Digital Casserole Slow Cooker With Menu Panel

    Model No. :DGD20-20GD

    This digital casserole slow cooker also can cook rice.The menu panel can realize multiple cooking methods.The built-in heat preservation function of the casserole can effectively maintain the temperature of the claypot rice, keeping the food hot

    Factory Price:$22.3/units

    MOQ: >=800pcs (OEM/ODM support)

  • 2L 3L Knob Control Purple Clay Mini Slow Cooker

    2L 3L Knob Control Purple Clay Mini Slow Cooker

    Model No. :DGD20-20EZWD

    his mini slow cooker is also suit for baby food cooking. Knob control setting is easy to operate, especially for mother who is busy in baby caring in daily life. The knob controler is easy to switch,Turn it forward or backward, don’t be afraid of missing the menu.

    Factory Price:$12.5/units

    MOQ: >=1000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

  • 4L purple clay soup makers menu slow cooker

    4L purple clay soup makers menu slow cooker

    Model No. :DGD40-40ND

    The purple sand inner liner has good heat preservation properties, which can maintain the temperature and humidity of the food and make the soup more delicious and flavorful. It has strong heat conduction performance, which makes the ingredients can be evenly heated, and the stewing time is faster and more efficient.

    This electric cooker is also specially designed with a series of intelligent features, such as temperature control system, timer function and safety protection measures, to provide you with a comfortable and convenient stewing experience. Temperature control system can precisely control the temperature

  • 4L Purple Clay Large Stew Pot

    4L Purple Clay Large Stew Pot

    Model No. :DGD40-40EZWD


    This electric 4L Non Stick Slow Cooker Pots can not only be used to stew traditional dishes such as soup and claypot rice, but also has multiple cooking modes such as porridge cooking, steaming, and stewing to meet the needs of various tastes. Tonze is a famous clay pot suppliers.

    Price:US$15/units   MOQ: >=1000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

  • 5L Large Family Size Ceramic Slow Cooker

    5L Large Family Size Ceramic Slow Cooker

    Model No. :DGD40-40CWD   SKU:2L/3L/4L/5L

    The ceramic electric slow cooker has multiple safety protection devices, such as over-temperature protection, power-off protection, etc., to ensure the safety of users during use. At the same time, high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship are used to ensure reliable product quality and worry-free use for a long time.

    Price:$19/units   MOQ: >=1000pcs (OEM/ODM support)

  • 1L Ceramic Mini Slow Cooker

    1L Ceramic Mini Slow Cooker

    Model No. : DGJ10-10XD


    MOQ:1000 unit OEM/ODM support
    Circumferential three-dimensional heating.Outer plastic shell provide anti-scalding function.Fine simmering slow stewing real taste warm tonic nourishing good food.The knob on this electric cooker is designed for easy use and control of cooking temperature. Just turn the knob to adjust the heat to your desired level and the pan will do the rest. With its power source, you can say goodbye to the hassle of stovetop cooking and enjoy the convenience of a reliable, consistent heat source.

  • 1L Electric Double Boiler

    1L Electric Double Boiler

    $11.6/unit 500 unit(MOQ) OEM/ODM support
    This double boiler ceramic pot used non-stick ceramic pot, suit for stew soup cooking,porridge etc.

  • Casserole Slow Cooker for Soup Cooking

    Casserole Slow Cooker for Soup Cooking

    $8/unit 500 unit(MOQ) OEM/ODM support
    Automatic Slow Cooker for soup stewing, double boiler at home.Cooking soup, stew, porridge and many other cooking methods to meet different needs.

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