slow cooker with ceramic pot

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Model No. : DGD20-20EZWD


OEM /ODM Price:$29.5/units  MOQ: >=1000pcs (customized support)

This chinese ceramic double boiler is designed to lock in the natural flavors and aromas of your ingredients. By sealing the pot tightly, this electric stewpot creates a pressure-cooker-like environment, intensifying the taste and creating mouthwatering dishes.

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1.Large-capacity design: The stainless steel electric saucepan has enough capacity to accommodate a large amount of ingredients, suitable for family dinners or gatherings of friends, convenient and fast.
2.Easy to clean and maintain: The stainless steel electric saucepan is easy to clean and maintain without leaving residue, making cleaning more convenient and keeping the saucepan hygienic and durable.
3. Two kinds of stew cooking method: one is direct stew, put the food directly in stainless steel inner large pot. The other method is indirect gentle stewing using small ceramic inner pots which are surrounded by the water.

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