• Portable Handheld Stewpot

    Portable Handheld Stewpot

    This portable slow cooker cup,upgraded handle type anti-scald bracket.Using professional bird’s nest and tonic stewing procedures to lock in nutrients without loss

  • TONZE Multifunctional Pot for Stewing Egg Steamer

    TONZE Multifunctional Pot for Stewing Egg Steamer


    $8.9/unit  MOQ:500 pcs OEM/ODM support

    This Multifunctional Pot is designed for easy breakfast cooking. With this electric cooker, you can warm milk and steam eggs as a egg cooker and also you can stew porridge. It is a best electric cooker for one person usage. It is also easy for cooking bird’s nest.

  • Tonze Microcomputer Mini Stew Pot

    Tonze Microcomputer Mini Stew Pot

    DGD7-7PWG Mini Stew Pot

    It has a food grade thickened high borosilicate glass liner for extra thickness and durability. visible cooking process . Professional bird’s nest stew pot.

  • Tonze Dual Screen Display Glass Stewing Pot

    Tonze Dual Screen Display Glass Stewing Pot

    DGD10-10PWG Glass Stewing Pot

    It adapes high-quality high borosilicate glass liner material, crystal clear, the stewing process is fully visible. With dual-screen preset insulation function, Timed temperature visualization,which is more convenience. Using out of water stewing principle, effectively locking food nutrients.

  • Bird nest cooker

    Bird nest cooker

    Model No. : DGD4-4PWG-A   double boiled bird nest

    This glass stew pot features two simmering methods to meet your cooking needs. The water stewing method ensures that the nutrients of the bird’s nest are preserved, while the soft stew method is best for creating rich and delicious stews. Whether you like to stew soup, this electric glass pot can meet your needs. Simply remove the glass inner liner and put ingredients and pour water directly in for a worry-free cooking experience. The digital display and touch function panel make it easy to control and monitor temperature and cooking time, The glass interior is made of durable and heat-resistant material for safe and efficient simmering.