Slow Cooker Bird Nest With Handle

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Model No. : DGD10-10PWG Glass Stewing Pot
This portable slow cooker cup,upgraded handle type anti-scald bracket.Using professional bird’s nest and tonic stewing procedures to lock in nutrients without loss. Whether you love bird’s nest for its health benefits or simply enjoy its delicate flavor, our 0.7L glass saucepan is sure to enhance your cooking experience. Say goodbye to nutritional drain and hello to perfectly cooked, delicious bird’s nest dishes with our innovative saucepan.

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Model number DGD7-7PWG-A
Specification: Material: Top cover, base, collar, anti-scalding support : PP
Body and liner : high borosilicate glass
Power(W): 800W
Capacity: 0.7 L
Functional configuration: Main function: Suit for cooking: bird's nest, silver ear, peach gum, soapberry, bean soup                               Functions: stewing, reservation, timer, heat preservation
Control/display: Push button control / digital display
Case capacity: Set/Piece
Package: Product size: 193*150*232mm
Product weight: 1.2Kg
Small Case Size : 199*199*272mm
Medium Case Size : 216*216*296mm
Heat Shrink Size : 432*432*296mm
Medium Case Weight : 1.85Kg

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Main Features

1, High quality high borosilicate glass body and stewing pot, visualised stewing process
2, Use professional bird's nest and tonic stewing procedures to lock in nutrients without loss
3, 800W heating plate, high power fast boiling
4, Upgraded handle type anti-scald bracket, pick and place the stew pot more safely
5, Microcomputer intelligent control,support appointment and timing,free look after

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