Can you put the ceramic part of a slow cooker ont stove?

No,you can not put the ceramic part of a slow cooker ont stove.

The ceramic liner inside the crock pot is very dangerous to put on the fire and will burn. If you want to burn it directly on the fire, you can just buy a casserole dish. The casserole liner is made of ceramic and will crack if burned over an open flame.

Electric stew pot stewing food is still very convenient, and ceramic liner with acid and alkali resistant properties, and large thermal capacity, long insulation time, stewing time can also set the function, more convenient than stewing with open fire.

The use of double boiler ceramic electric stew pot

1, the use of the process, avoid children touching the pot to prevent burns;

2, the use of the power supply voltage must meet the requirements of the manual, and the use of three-pronged socket with grounding;

3, ceramic inner pot can not be directly heated by open flame to avoid bursting;

4, just after use, please do not immediately put into cold water or colder food, in order to prevent the porcelain body burst;

5, aluminum pot is strictly prohibited to add water, ceramic inner pot can be washed with water;

6, at the same time, when you do not use, to clean and dry it properly stored, which can increase its service life.

About choosing the material of inner pot:

Ceramic material advantages:

. Ceramic material does not contain PTFE and PFOA, healthy and environmentally friendly.

. Very high heat resistance, up to 400℃.

. High corrosion resistance.

Ceramic stew pot: ceramic stew pot is made of high temperature one-time firing, ceramic embryo metal can be fully oxidized, glaze color is not easy to fall off for a long time, so you can ensure that the stew pot of food safety and health. Electric stew pot material is generally ceramic, heat transfer performance is better, is not easy to appear string of problems, heat is more uniform, can be stewed for a long time through the slow fire, to ensure that the food soup is delicious. In addition, the ceramic material of the stew pot by the high temperature firing of high-quality reinforced porcelain, can be directly into the microwave oven and dishwasher heating and cleaning, easy to use and convenient.

High borosilicate glass advantages:

. Borosilicate glass has good fire resistance and is non-toxic.

. Thermal stability performance, high resistance to water, alkali, acid, etc., commonly used in food utensils.

Disadvantages, more expensive because of the high requirement of heating components.

Glass stew pot : is made of high borosilicate glass, transparent texture, stable chemical properties, not easy to chemical reaction with food, to ensure food safety and health. Glass stew pot is transparent, heat conduction is relatively fast, easy to always observe the changes in the food, complete retention of food nutrients at the same time, saving the cooking time.

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Post time: Dec-28-2023