Why glass jar can used to be a liner of Stew Pot?

Glass is a container with long history, glass bottles are also the traditional Chinese beverage serving containers.

Non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier, impermeable, rich in raw materials, and can be used in multiple turnarounds. And it has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, cleaning resistance, both high temperature decontamination and low temperature storage.


It is because of its multiple advantages, Therefore, Glass has become the preferred material for stew fruit tea, sour date juice and many other drinks with high requirements for packaging containers.


Especially high borosilicate glass,which is often consider as the Indispensable inner pot material for stewing Bird's nest, peach gum, soapberry, snow pear, silver fungus.

While put in a stew pot, it can resistant to -20 to 150 degrees temperature difference, which is safe and healthy, transparent and lightweight, And all the health of the stew can be visualized, We can monitor the status of ingredients at any time.


Slow Cooker Mini Glass Pot are often mistaken for electric kettles bacause of its fashionable, stylish and compact appearance. But compare to Water kettles, Our Mini Glass Cooking Stew Pot have more multi stewing method, For example:
1.Internal stewing and external cooking, Just put different ingredients in the stew pot, stew and enjoy double taste at the same time ;
2.Soft stewing in water, Just put the ingredients and pure water in one pot that can enjoy by oneself;
3.Direct stewing, Just need to take out the glass jar and cook in a single pot, so that we can enjoy.


These are the features that electric kettles don't have, Besides, Compare the ordinary kettle, Glass Stew pot will be more deep-boiled in water, So the bird’s nest will be more smooth and Nutrition can be locked more in a stew pot than ordinary kettle.


That’s the reason why we can choose Glass pot as a liner of Slow cooker healthy. These are Tonze 's unique core technologies, If you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us by sending an enquiry.

Products recommended:



Liner: Thickened high borosilicate glass
Control/display: Microcomputer/holographic screen
Capacity: 0.4L(suitable for 1 people to eat)
Power: 400W
1.Bird's nest, peach jelly, snow pear, silver fungus, stew, keep warm
2.One pot, three uses(Internal stewing and external cooking, Soft stewing in water, Direct stewing), fully automatic and carefree



Liner: High borosilicate glass
Control/display: IMD Key operation/2-digit red digital,indicator light display
Capacity: 0.7L(suitable for 1-2 people to eat)
Power: 800W
Bird's nest, peach gum, soapberry, silver fungus, stewed, bean soup



Liner: Thickened high borosilicate glass
Control/display: Push button control / dual screen display
Capacity: 1.0L(suitable for 1-2 people to eat)
Power: 120W
Bird's nest, soup stew, dessert, BB porridge, Reservation, preset , keep warm

Post time: Dec-05-2022