Digital Steamer Slow Cooker

Short Description:

Model No. :DGD40-40DWG

Up side is steaming food with food grade steamer basket. The bottom is stewing in water slow cooking method with 360°Speed Stewing Plate,boiling water heat penetration.Nutritional release of ingredients.600W high power to help nutrient precipitation soup fresh and less greasy

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1, 24 hour long appointments. Delicious as promised.Reservation time can be set freely to cook on the spot without supervision.

2, Intelligent seasonal insulation. Based on the outside temperature detected by the thermostat . Automatically keeps the food warm to the right temperature.

3, 600W high power to help nutrient precipitation soup fresh and less greasy

4, Uniform heating. 360° Speed Stewing Plate.

5, Non-burnt and non-stick ceramic inner pot, keeping the original flavor of the ingredients

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