What is Ceramic Rice Cooker?

Lots of rice cookers in the market always come with an aluminium inner pot, others also do come with stainless steel, diamond-powder coating, and carbon. But the safest and best rice cookers are the ones of nature ceramic, which is absolutely without any coating, TONZE electric ceramic rice cooker are really great when compared with the rice cookers with common non-stick coated aluminium inner pots.




Advertisement promotes non-stick Teflon coating rice cooker everywhere as this non-Teflon coating is added to prevent the rice from sticking to the pot, and this is why rice cookers are greatly relied on to always produce great results while cooking.

When choosing rice cookers, most people’s top priority is the inner pot and also the material which was used to manufacture the bowl. People do avoid rice cookers because of the Teflon coating, researches have shown that Teflon can release a harmful chemical into food that can, in turn, has some serious health issues. While TONZE ceramic rice cooker’s pot is made of 1390 ° C firing for hours to make this ceramic pot to be strong and durable. It is made of bionic technology, like the surface effect of lotus leaf. A dense vitrified layer is formed on the surface, which has the characteristics of natural non-stick, non adsorption, so that cooked rice retains the original flavor of rice. It is just like traditional cooking, but rice cooking time is only around 40 minutes.

Ceramic rice cooker is not just made for rice cooking. As the inner pot is ceramic, it is also suitable for slow cooking, Soup and porridge etc. It is said to be a electric multi-function cooker.


Post time: Oct-17-2022