Micro-Pressure Ceramic Rice Cooker

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Model No. : FD16A


The digital micro pressure rice cooker with ceramic inner pot is made of high-quality ceramic material with excellent non-stick properties, ensuring your rice will never stick or burn. In addition to cooking rice, our digital micro-pressure rice cooker also provides a variety of cooking modes, including steaming, stewing, and soup making. This versatile device can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, allowing you to explore and try different flavors and dishes.

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Rice Cooker Without Nonstick

●16AD -1.6L Ceramic Rice Cooker

✔Cristal Ceramic Liner

✔Micro Pressure

✔350W levitation heating

●Real Ceramic Liner

✔Innovative enamel none-stick technology.  Complete ceramic with zero heavy metal

✔Bionic lotus leaf non-stick effect

✔Original ecological kaolinite material

✔1310 ℃ intense heat treatment

✔9 traditional craftmanship and 72 ancient process just for making a healthy ceramic liner

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●Shape and heating plate

✔Bowl shape‘crystal ceramic liner’

✔Levitation heating plate

✔Stereo energy gathering to cook the rice more evenly

●Inner pot

✔Upgraded removable lifting ring

✔Preventing scald when taking the liner and making it easy to clean

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●Double-Layer Micro-pressure Lid

✔Energy gathering makes the rice more fragrant

●Low-temperature preheating

●Rising temperature gently when the rice absorbs water

●Rising temperature quickly

●Cook the rice thoroughly at a high temperature

●Constant temperature simmering

●Keep the rice hydrated and warm

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