Feeding Bottle Washing and Sterilizer

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$118/unit MOQ:1000unit OEM/ODM support
The following is the latest portable multifunctional baby product washing and disinfecting machine , which can wash, disinfect, dry and store common baby feeding bottles, teething toys and breast pumps, creating a more free and comfortable parenting life for consumers.

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Technology spots

1, Medical grade HEPA filter
2, Removable transparent water tank
3, Creative multifunctional shelf
4, Point to point independent spray
5, High temperature steam sterilization
6, Quiet DC inverter water pump

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Main Features

1,Simple operation,one-click understanding.
2,ANTI-DRY PROTECTION Automatic power-off when lack of water,safety guarantee
3, STAINLESS STEEL HEATING PLATE Convenient and easy to clean, durable
4, ANTI-OVERFLOW STEAM HOLE Effectively relieve pressureand reduce pot overflow


Model number ZMW-STHB02
Specification: Material: Food grade PP 
Power(W): 530W
Water consumption: 2.5L
Functional configuration: Main function: High temperature washing, steam disinfection, PTC hot air drying
Control/display: Touch intelligent control 
Package: Product size: 27.5*37.8*41.2mm
Net weight: 4.5kg


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