Ceremic slow cooker with steamer basket

Short Description:

Model No. :DGD10-10AZWG

This multifunctional slow cooker can be used as a slow cooker for cooking bird’s nest, stew soup.Also can be used as baby appliance, such as cooking babt porridge, sterile baby milk bottle and baby tableware.

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Main Features

1, 1L capacity,Lightly nourishing for one person

2, 7 menus funtions,Easy to cook.Soft simmering under water

3, 24H Reservation Keep Warm

4, One-touch Sterilization Tableware & Bottle

5, Non-burnt and non-stick ceramic inner pot, keeping the original flavor of the ingredients

6, 360° surround heating. Nutritional ingredients are fully stimulated, soft and flavorful.

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