Which is better steam or UV sterilizer?

According to niche topics report, the baby bottle warmer and sterilizer market is expected to grow by USD 18.5 million, at a CAGR of 3.18% from 2021 - 2025.


Increased awareness of baby health and hygiene, as well as the growing prominence of online shopping, offers tremendous growth opportunities.

To capitalise on the current opportunity, TONZE Shares has broadened its mother and baby appliance category by adding new products such as baby bottle heating and sterilising units, and has made some growth and progress.


New Baby Bottle Heater Steriliser recommended:


Working principle:

The bottle sterilizer is to sterilize through high temperature water vapor.

The sterilizer base can heat the water inside the bottle, and when the temperature of the water reaches 100℃, it turns into 100℃water vapor, so that the bottle can be sterilized at high temperature.

When the steam temperature reaches 100 ℃, many bacteria can not survive, so it is possible to achieve a sterilization rate of 99.99% of the bottle sterilizer.

At the same time, the bottle sterilizer is with a drying function. The principle of drying is also very simple, that is, under the action of the fan, the fresh cold air outside will come in, and then exchange with the dry air of the bottle, and then the air inside the bottle can be exhausted, and finally the bottle can be dried.


Compare to UV disinfection cabinets.

UV and ozone will accelerate the aging of Silicone rubber, yellowing, hardening, the location of mouth rim off the glue, and disinfection irradiation has a blind zone, sterilization is not thorough enough.

Therefore, the use of traditional high temperature steam sterilisation is more convenient to use and more affordable.

The traditional old disinfection pot, however, suffers from these problems.


The new baby bottle steriliser from TONZE Electric has been upgraded to address these pain points.

The new top sliding lid bottle sterilizer:
✔ Two steps to remove the bottle
✔ Easy one-handed operation
✔ No more cascading
✔ No more messy tabletops

Product appearance:
1. Holds 6 sets of bottles and teats at the same time, easy to fit tall bottles
2. Rounded shape with a thoughtful design to protect the mother from bending over
3. More user-friendly lid opening way, more stable to open and does not slip off


4. The opening is wider than 90°, making it easier to take and place


5. Split structure, the base is wrapped like a mother's embrace, the upper part can be taken out to do storage boxes


6. Removable bottle teat holder, combination at your leisure


Product features.

-10L large capacity, bottles, toys, tableware can be sterilized.

-45db noiseless, care for mom and dad to sleep quietly. (lower than ordinary sterilizer)

-Steam sterilization + hot air drying. (sterilization 10 minutes, drying 60 minutes, sterilization + drying 70-90 minutes can be timed)

-48 hours sterile storage function. (5 minutes of air change every 30 minutes, items dryer, Hepa filtered air to avoid secondary pollution)

-Meet the needs of the baby at different times.


-Teflon coated heating plate, a light wipe can easily remove the scale.

-Considerate water level line, easy to know about the different water volume for sterilization and steaming.


Post time: Oct-11-2022